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Adoption Service Introduction:

Service introduction:

   We have provided placement for more than 5000 vulnerable children who have lost their parents to rely on. To ensure these children’s best benefits, we started to offer adoption services and we’ve obtained adoption license certified by Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government. (license number:9401)

   We’re committed to providing institutional open adoption and professional services during the adoptive process. To protect our clients’ rights and avoid post-adoption problems, we ensure that all our clients get sufficient information and finish the adoption procedure openly.

Service features:

  • Institutional adoption service: We’re a certified adoption institute and we have professional social workers to deliver the services.
  • Domestic and inter-country adoption services: Domestic adoptive families are still our priorities and we will find matching families abroad as soon as possible when there’s no suitable families nationwide.
  • Innovative programs: We provide older children with more adoptive opportunities by arranging activities such as U.S. summer camps to help them find suitable adoptive parents in the U.S.
  • Assistance for adoptive parents: We provide adoption assistance through offering related educational courses, telephone counseling, adoptive conferences and supporting groups.
  • Pre-adoption preparation: We provide gradual and frequent interaction for the adoptees and parents.
  • Cooperation with domestic and international institutes: We set up conferences for frequent interchange with domestic and international institutes.

Service items:

  • Telephone adoption consultation
  • Adoption application, interviews, investigation and evaluation
  • Adoptee settlement
  • Providing adoptive parents and adoptees related resources
  • Adoption related educational courses
  • Post-adoption trace counseling
  • Adoption conferences and advocation

To know more, please call +886 2 2230 1100 or +886 0800 000 665
Fax : +886 2 2230 3002

Put your children up for adoption:
When some unexpected happenings occur and disable the parents to rear their children, they might consider put their children up for adoption through legal procedure. In so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the original parent or parents.

Service target:
1. Adoptee who is under 18 and meets any qualification as below :

•adoptee who is an abandoned baby

•adoptee who is not a child from a marriage and whose biological parents not capable of rearing

•adoptee whose biological parents not capable of rearing and is currently adopted

•adoptee who is abandoned, seriously neglected, abused and parental rights stopped by the court

•adoptee who lost biological parents and has no other relatives capable of rearing

2. Biological parents who are not capable of rearing and willfully have their children adopted

To adopt children:
Adoption is a practice of one family raising a child born to another family. The biological parents transfer all the rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parents.

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