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Before you apply, please think twice.

Besides a good heart, we would like to add a small reminder for those who want to be volunteers.

Tsai, Yi-Hua, Director of Business Development Group, Resources Development Section, Chung-Yi Foundation

I’ve received lots of applications from those who want to be volunteers in Chung-Yi Foundation.. Based on my volunteer service experience over the years and my background as a volunteer program coordinator, I would like all applicants to ask yourself a question before you apply: Are you sure you’re ready to be a volunteer?

1. Why do I want to be a volunteer?
Being a volunteer is considered selfless and charitable, but there is more or less a purpose for yourself behind this. This is not a bad thing, but it’s important to know what your real motive is. You might wan to mend your regrets(ex. haven’t raised a child, unhappy experience as a child…). However, you might realize the fact with disappointment that being a volunteer doesn’t help mend these regrets but even do greater harm to you and the children. Therefore, I sincerely hope that all the applicants can think over the reason to be a volunteer. Is it more for yourself? Or you really wan to make a difference for these children?

2. Am I ready to change my agenda?
What I hear from people mostly is that “I’ve had this wish to be a volunteer for a long time but I never had a chance to realize it until….(my children grew up, I went to some self-help classes.)” It’s true that there’s normally a turning point when you turn your thoughts into action, but if you have to change your long term agenda to be a volunteer, impulsiveness wouldn’t be enough. For example, if you work five days a week and you have no energy to even talk to your family after work, are you sure you can handle another job? Besides, If you’re volunteering at a certain time, it would definitely more or less affect your relationship with your family or friends. Are you ready to face the pressure you might place upon them? Have you ever thought about how you’ll cope with situation like this?

3. How experienced and well prepared am I in getting along with children?
Although you might more or less have experience in getting along with children or even have professional background, but some people might think knowing how to get along with children is a “gift”. No matter what you think, it’s best you ask yourself: Besides the fact “I like children”, am I confident enough to get along with children at ease according to my experience? Even though I’m not extremely popular with children, can I still get children’s attention to come talk to me or play with me?

Children are not pieces of blank paper and children from orphanages are not just miserable “fallen angles”. They are not different from the average children. Sometimes they behave, sometimes they don’t. They need someone to accompany them, lead them and tell them what’s right or wrong. Therefore, having clear boundaries with the children is the best policy to get along with them. Most importantly, knowing that every child is unique and figure out the best way to interact with them would be very helpful in getting along well with the children. You must know if you really want to make these efforts but not being choosy in caring children. If it’s a child who is hard to get along with, will you try to evade?

4. Am I able to respect children’s privacy?
Children from orphanages more or less have some unhappy memories. The memories may be vague or vivid to them, but their wounds would be one more step further from healing if they’re unveiled inappropriately. No matter under what circumstances did you discover children’s background or families, please keep in mind that keep the secrets with yourself.

5. Do I know that assisting the staff is a volunteer’s main obligation?
In a children’s home, the staff are the ones who know the best of the children. You might find it hard to agree on how the staff deal with things in an incident, please keep in mind that what you see might just be the surface. If you have any questions, as long as you ask at the right time and with the right attitude, I’m sure our staff would be happy to answer all your questions. Please do not interfere but respect the staff, and understand that you are here to assist rather than replace them.

If you have thought through all the questions above and you are well prepared to be a volunteer, we sincerely welcome your application. (Please follow the instructions on the website.) Please kindly work with us, to help these children who have been hurt, but still go on with their life bravely and strongly!

Please inquire with Mrs. Tsai if you have any further questions:
Tel: (02)2930-2600

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