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Often asked questions:
About donation:

Q. How do I donate to Chung-Yi Foundation?
A. You can donate through telecom transaction, credit card, postal order or in cash.

Q. How do you use the donation?
A. We use the donation on administration expenses, providing professional services and children’s day-to-day supplies, education, medication and counseling expenses.

Q. Do I get a receipt to file on my taxation?
A. Yes, we provide official donation receipt for taxation.

Q. I’ve completed my donation but I haven’t received the receipt?
A. If you donate through telecom transaction without faxing us the transaction details, we are not able to offer you the official donation receipt. If you have not received the receipt, please kindly call Miss Tsai at 02-2931-1659#12 for further information.

Q. Can the name on the receipt different from donator’s name?
A. Yes

Q. Is it safe to donate with a credit card?
 A. Your credit card information will be kept securely by our treasurers and we would never provide a third party any information. The information transmission between the credit card companies and our foundation is with encryption to ensure the safety of your private details.

Q. What’s the difference between group sponsorship and individual sponsorship?
A. Generally speaking, people are more familiar with individual sponsorship, which means you sponsor one specific child, which is the way we used to adopt. However, after a while we found that some children were disappointed with having no visits from sponsors. To avoid doing the children second harm, we changed to group sponsorship.

Q. Can I choose to sponsor one specific child?
A. Most children are protected cases and their identity shouldn’t be exposed. The individual sponsorship we used to adopt tended to lower children’s self-esteem and the children would be feel abandoned again when the donators had to stop the sponsorship because of time or economic issues.

Q. Can husband and wife join the sponsorship together?
 A. You can join the sponsorship individually or with a group.

Q. Is there a size limit of group sponsorship?
A. No.

Q. How do you use the donation when it’s not appointed to which group of children?
 A. If you don’t have specific expectation of which group you want to sponsor, we’ll provide recommendation.

Q. How do you use the donation when it’s appointed to a certain children group?
A. The donation will help us to provide profession services for the children with their day-to-day life, education, medication and counseling expenses.

Q. How long is the duration of the sponsorship?
A. It’s normally one year.

Q. Is there a limited amount of the sponsorship?
A. There is not a limited amount of the sponsorship. You can decide how much you would like to donate in each term.

Q. Is there a government authorized fundraising license of this sponsorship program?
A. Yes, our license number is 0980010550.

About adoption services
Put your children up for adoption: When some unexpected happenings occur and disable the parents to rear their children, they might consider put their children up for adoption through legal procedure. In so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities from the original parent or parents.

Q. What are the requirements for the adoptive family?
A. Married couples aged between 25 and 50, who have been married for over two years and live in Taiwan or other areas. The age difference between the adopter and the adoptee must be at least 20 years. If one of the adopting parents is aged between 50 and 55, the family can only adopt child/ren aged five or above or child/ren with special needs.

Family who have stable residence, legitimate job and sufficient financial means to provide proper cares for the adoptee. Family who are in good mental and physical health and do not have a criminal record that may adversely affect their parental capacity as adopters.

Family members of the adopters must be genuinely willing to accept, love and take care of the adoptee; must be willing to work with the adoption procedures and participate in the preparation courses.

The number of children of the family must not exceed 3, and must not be more than 4 when the adopting child/ren is included. If the number of children exceeds 4, the family can only qualify for adopting child/ren above 5 years old or with special needs.

Q. What’s the background of the adoptee?
A. Adoptee who is under 18 and meets any qualification as below :

•adoptee who is an abandoned baby

•adoptee who is not a child from a marriage and whose biological parents not capable of rearing

•adoptee whose biological parents not capable of rearing and is currently adopted

•adoptee who is abandoned, seriously neglected, abused and parental rights stopped by the court

•adoptee who lost biological parents and has no other relatives capable of rearing

Q. What’s the consultation number of the adoption services?
A. It’s +886 2 2230 1100 or +886 0800 000 665

About working as a volunteer
•Long-term volunteer

Q. I would like to work as a volunteer in Chung-Yi Children’s Home. What will I do?
A. We have different volunteer needs and please kindly look it up on our volunteer chart.

Q. I’d like to be a volunteer, how do I apply?
A. We have monthly volunteer seminars for recruitment, normally at 10:00~11:30 on the weekends. Please notice that you will not start the volunteer program if you have not attended the seminar before. If you are interested in being a volunteer at Chung-Yi Foundation, please follow the steps as below:

1. Register and send your information through online volunteer application system

2. Please call or e-mail us to confirm when you receive the information and reserve for the volunteer seminar. Please call Mrs. Tsai at (02)2930-2600 or e-mail to

3. Please kindly inform us in advance if you shall cancel or be late for personal reasons.

Q. What are the qualifications for a volunteer?
A. To provide better volunteer services for the children, qualifications as a volunteer are as below:

1. Age: You need to be older than 15 years old to be a “one-day volunteer”. As for the rest categories or volunteers, you need to be at least 18.

2. Time: If your volunteer details are to accompany the children, provide schoolwork counseling or English teaching, you need to be of service at a fixed period of time weekly. If your attendance is lower than 75%, your volunteer qualification will be terminated. If your volunteer details are to teach children extracurricular talents or to help in activities, the interval of each class or activities should be less than 6 months. If you are a administration volunteer, your should attend at least once a month.

3. Moral principles: No matter which volunteer program you decide to join, please follow the volunteer management guidelines and volunteer moral principles during your services.

4. Obligation to attend trainings: There is a basic volunteer training every six months and it’s normally at pm 2:00~5:00 on Saturday afternoon. If you are a new volunteer but fail to attend the training without fair reasons (ex. work or school) within 6 months, you cannot start your volunteer program. If you ask for a leave in the first training, you need to attend the next one, or your volunteer qualification will be terminated.

Q. Can I bring my family or friends to be volunteers with me?
A. If they are qualified as above (ex. 18 years old), we welcome you to apply with them together. We will try our best to arrange you in the same program and time. However, if you only tend to interact with the children once on a while, we’re very sorry to decline your request for the best of the children’s physical and mental development.

Q. What are the benefits to be a volunteer?
A. The greatest thing you earn to be a volunteer is personal growth. We believe you will be significantly satisfied with children’s smiles. Besides that, the volunteer welfare we offer is as below:

1. We provide free lunch for the morning or all-day shift volunteers.

2. We provide casual snacks in group supervision conferences and volunteer trainings.

3. All volunteers can invite their family and friends to join our annual volunteer thank-you party.

4. We commend the volunteers with great performances in the annual thank-you party based on the attendance and service results.

5. We provide volunteer certificate based on each volunteer’s need.

6. We provide free regular publications and advertising products.

About one-day volunteer program:

Q. Do you take one-day volunteers and how do I apply?
A. Yes, we accept one-day volunteer application please call Mrs. Tsai at (02)2930-2600 to apply after reading the following instructions.

Q. Do I have the chance to get along with children as a one-day volunteer?
A. Most children here are protected cases and need more time in constructing relationships. Therefore, we always look for “long-term” and “stable” volunteers. As for one-day volunteer services, it’s mainly about providing administration services rather than getting along with children.

Q. What’s the service time of one-day volunteer program? Is there a lunch break?
A. The service time of one-day volunteer program is from 9:30 to 17:30, same as our administration staff. Lunch break is from 12:00 to 13:30.

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